Social Compost

Social Compost

A feminist community mental health meetup.

Cooperation Denton · 1 minute read


Sam and Gabby are hosting a monthly meetup for people to meditate, vent, and support each other.


You, regardless of whether you're a feminist/anarchist/socialist activist, or just a local Dentonite who recognizes patriarchal oppression in their lives and is looking for a space of understanding and healing.


The third Saturday of every month, from 4pm-6pm.

4:00 - Introductions/Agreements

4:20 - Description of a simple centering/mindfulness practice

4:25 - 20 minutes of silent practice

4:45 - Break (stretch, go to the restroom, make yourself some tea)

5:00 - Reading

5:10 - Discussion

5:50 - Checkout


On Zoom. Email us at for the Zoom link.

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